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Monday, July 29, 2013

Marshall County (Minnesota) Fair

This past weekend Alycia and visited the Marshall County Fair in Warren, Minnesota, about 45 minutes Northwest of us. Along with the Pembina County Fair and the Grand Forks Fair, this completed the fair trifecta for the summer. The Marshall County Fair was outstanding, the fairgrounds and buildings were all well tended and obviously cared for, and there were some great food stands and exhibits.  We'll certainly be going back in future years. 
We immediately started off on the right foot when we'd barely gotten out of our car and saw these three strolling on over.  They were some manner of fair ambassadors and before Alycia could even ask the lady she said "sure you can pet her, she loves people". 
Midnight (this was the tiny ponies' name) didn't seem to pay any mind to Alycia, at least until the lady slipped Alycia a tiny pony cookie to give to Midnight.  Suddenly Midnight wanted to be friends.  I think Midnight and Tito would get along pretty well. Where's the picture of me and Midnight?  Sadly there isn't one.  Even though you don't run across tiny ponies every day, Alycia never asked if I wanted a picture with Midnight.  Sad face...
The livestock barn had a big pen of baby chicks and it was a "help yourself to pet the baby chicks" kind of thing, so Alycia picked one up.
This is about the cutest picture I could dream up.  Alycia in her red sunglasses holding a baby chick.  
There were baby ducks too, they were super cute as well.  Their feet looked too big for their slender little bodies.
There was a horse washing station (not automated/mechanized).  Sadly we had no dirty horses to wash and couldn't participate, but they did let us watch, which made me feel like a weirdo, so we moved along.
The 4-H club had an extensive snack shop set up as a fundraiser, and it seemed downright rude not to contribute, so I had some home baked pie.  Peach cream (outstanding) and Apple (very tasty) with a hot cup of coffee.
Here's the requisite shot of Alycia next to a tractor.  Note that this tractor doesn't have wheels, it has big tracks.  It was cool. 
The fair grounds were adjacent to the Settlers Village and had a large collection of old buildings and museum stuff.  We perused through on the way out and checked out some cool old items.  This was Alma Lutheran Church built in 1893.  I took this photo just for my big sister who doesn't see too many churches named after her. 


Jason said...

County fairs can be a lot of fun. You are lucky to have the trifecta available. As for Midnight, though, she seems to live by our Chicago motto "Ubbi est mea?" (Where's mine?).

El Gaucho said...

Totally. Midnight wanted nothing to do with us until she figured out we might have cookies, then she was as sweet as can be. She was like the tiny horse version of our dog Tito.