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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tito's Summer Plucking

Tito is proudly part Corgi and often demonstrates typical Corgi characteristics, herding, nipping, being generally OCD.  He also has the Corgi power to shed, in fact for a dog his size, Tito is a champion shedder.

In late Spring or early summer Alycia tries her best to help get some of the hair/fur off Tito.  Since he hates (I can't emphasize enough how much he hates it) being brushed, the best that Alycia can do is to pluck out as much of his thick undercoat as possible. 
Alycia plucks Tito as he looks particularly pathetic.  You can see the pile of fur or "mini-Tito" that is forming to his left.  Again, for a dog as small as he is, Tito sheds like a champ.
Avast ye mini-Tito, ye shall rise up and be powerful. 


Jennifer said...

I can relate! When I brush our shelties there is always and extra dogs' worth of fur in a pile. They hate being brushed too: it's that darn under-fluff that always seems to get matted.
Sounds like you have been planting up a storm! Looking forward to the pictures!

Karen said...

So, I've been missing a lot of Huge things happening at DD&BG....Congratulations are in order to both of you on your marriage! The photos are gorgeous, hope you share more of them in future posts.

And on to the other posts I've missed; yes, the dang peonies flop here too and no, I don't ever get around to caging them. And my little Pudding dog sleeps upside down with one paw in the air quite a bit. As for Tito and his summer plucking, oh, he's a character isn't he?

El Gaucho said...

Jennifer - It's always amazing and impressive how much fur one small dog can create.

Karen - Thank you! There are more pictures (professional ones no less) on the way, I'll be sure to post many of them once I get 'em.

Anonymous said...

I too can relate. My Akita was an all time sheddder. The Samoyed liked brushing, but she had the pluckable undercoat too. No fun when they shed often.