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Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Wrap Up

Easter weekend has come and gone.  It was filled with yard work, ham, chocolate covered goodies, even more ham, and then some more yard work.  The weather was delightful in the 60's and 70's and was perfect for getting out and preparing the garden.  I actually might be ahead of the game out in the garden.  We've cleaned up, trimmed some hedges that were in dire need of a haircut, and gotten ready for the delivery of landscaping bricks that is set to arrive on Friday.

500 hundred landscaping bricks and and equally impressive 10 yards of mulch are on their way.  This weekend should see if our garden stamina is Summer-worthy or is we need some more practice.  Lots of pictures of our newly shaped flower and veggie beds to come. 

Since our Easter wasn't terribly memorable and photogenic (nobody wants to see pictures of me sitting around eating ham and potato salad, right?), how about a review of Easter through the eyes of my awesome nephew Jacob?
Easter started out for Jacob with a trip to the fire station (where his Mom is a Fire Captain).  After sitting in the fire truck, he got to help find all the eggs and Easter treats that were hidden in and around the fire station.
Then more Easter egg hunting and cruising through the park on his scooter.
Followed by some quality time on the playground.  I didn't ask how many trips he took down the slide, but I was assured that it was quite a few.  Nothing like the power of candy to get you through the day!!

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