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Friday, April 4, 2014

Snow Covered Clematis Trellis

The arrival of Spring took another step back when we got a foot of Springtime snow on Monday/Tuesday. The kind of heavy, wet snow that sticks to everything and makes for unique and very interesting photos.
This is the clematis trellis on the East side of the house.  I made this trellis a few years ago with concrete re-mesh leftover from making DIY Heavy Duty Tomato Cages.  It's kinda crazy that in a couple of months this will (hopefully) be full of Jackmanii Clematis, overflowing with green vines and billows of blueish flowers. 

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Karen said...

Oh, you got more snow than we did, despite the dire warnings all over the television yesterday. I hope it has all melted by now. The way things look here, we'll be lucky if the last of the snow is gone by May.

I'm looking forward to seeing your clematis in full-bloom, enough of this white stuff.