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Monday, March 31, 2014


We're in the midst of a late season Spring blizzard here in North Dakota. We might be mildly dreading all the shoveling and snow hauling that we'll be doing over the next few days, but for now we're enjoying our snow day.  The dogs are tucked away in their heated beds and the people are hunkered down on their couches, plugging away on various computerized work tasks.  Not bad for a Monday. 

The weather reports have indicated that there is a chance of a very rare weather phenomena - Thundersnow!! (yes exclamation points are required)  It's been reported to the Southwest of us and The National Weather Service predicts there's a chance that we'll get thundersnow here.  
I've heard thundersnow before when I lived in Connecticut many years ago. I distinctly remember thinking how cool it was to have a thunder cell embedded in a snow storm.  The convection that you need for thunder and lightning is almost always associated with warmer storms, the typical tropical summer thunderstorm, and pretty rare for snow making systems.  We're on baited breath here hoping for thundersnow.  Intrigued?  NASA has a pretty great article if you want to learn more about Thundersnow

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Alma Ann said...

its 78 here and breezy