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Monday, March 3, 2014

Deaf Pibble Butt Rub Video

During the prolonged stretches of cold weather we start to run out of ideas for indoor exercising and burning off puppy energy in the house.  Sometimes the best we can manage is sitting on the floor for some active tummy and butt rubs.  Even that can burn off a little bit of energy, and every little bit helps.

A quick video of pittie puppy smiles and heavy dog-breathing is maybe just the thing you need to pep you up on a Monday morning. 


Jason said...

That looks like a happy dog.

Karen said...

Loved the video, ah, bliss!

Jennifer said...

What dog doesn't like to have its belly and back scratched! My dogs love to be scratched right between the front shoulder blades. Doggie heaven on earth!

Anonymous said...

I am with Jen, dogs just exude "happy" when getting the belly rub. It does put a smile on our faces too!