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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Professor Cummings on Spring Break

What does a high level academic like Professor Cummings do on Spring Break? Are you envisioning thoughtful Ivory Tower contemplation?  Data analysis with scientific looking computer graphics? Grant writing?  Scientific examination of complex brain wave patterns of language development?  Or this...
This was one of three videos that Alycia/Professor Cummings e-mailed me the other day while I was at work.  Proof positive that she was hard at work with high level academic matters.
I was quite impressed that Alycia was able to teach all three dogs to talk in only a matter of a few days.  This is all courtesy of an app from her iPad called My Talking Pet.  It's highly entertaining, but maybe not the high level stuff you'd expect from a college Professor.


Anonymous said...

after being severely admonished for not listening to this app at first I did bring it up and played for all at
my family manse today. STUNNING.
John the Elder

El Gaucho said...

John the Elder - If you were impressed by that, you should check your e-mail.