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Sunday, March 23, 2014

More Talking Dogs and Talking Titos' Tax Tips

When Alycia sent me the videos of talking dogs while she was on Spring break last week, I naturally did my best to take it to its fullest logical conclusion.  It was a busy weekend of chores, outings, watching March Madness Basketball, and lots of grading tests/assignments for work.  I did manage to make the following Tito video. It makes me laugh.
Then I got to thinking - "What would be the funniest thing that I could get Tito (and the other dogs) to say?" The best idea I had was that Tito could read from my Income Tax textbook.  But that quickly lead me to realize that it doesn't have to be funny, my students could totally learn tax stuff from a talking dog!!! If just once while they're working during tax season, or taking a test in my class and they remember one of Talking Titos' Tax Tips, well then it has all been worth it. 

We thought these were so informative, that we created a separate page here on Deaf Dogs and Benevolent Gnomes.  You can see all of Talking Titos' Tax Tips for yourself. And yes, I've made all of these videos available as a resource to my students. 

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