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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Slushy Snow Playtime with Shadowfax

It was 40 degrees outside today, the first tangible and credible evidence of Springs' arrival.  The snow was soft and slushy, perfect for getting some fresh air and sunlight on our winter weary skin. 
The dogs were all exhibiting Spring fever and we happily obliged them with some time outside.  I had on shorts and a sweater, Alycia had her more typical pink jacket and track pants.  Alycia's outfit was more about puppy-splashing management than being cold though, so don't judge her.
Alycia is utilizing the unconventional "two-handed" throwing method for tossing deflated basketballs to Shadowfax.  The deflated basketballs are one the best toys we've ever purchased.  Not only are they less than $1 at a local thrift store (or free from Freecycle), but Shadowfax loves them.  They have just enough give but still offer chomping resistance and haphazard bounces when thrown.  She's a happy little pup. 

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Anonymous said...

My dogs like deflating the balls themselves, but had as much fun with them after they were flattened. Cute videos, and great exercise for both two legged and four legged alike.