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Monday, March 9, 2015

Hand Knitted Dog Sweater Follow Up

It's only been a week, but we have an update on Shadowfax and her hand knitted dog sweater.  I know you were all begging for closure on this topic as we've been deluged with literally hundreds of e-mails asking for some resolution (and more photos). 

One thing you should know about Alycia's Mom, she's one speedy knitter. It didn't take her long to make the adjustments from the previous fitting session and get the sweater ready to go!

No final fitting session is complete without some play time in your new sweater.

Hugs from Alycia and pets from Grandma.
She has a tail, I promise.  It's wagging so fast in this picture that you can't see it.
There we go.  Slowed down our wag-rate a smidgen so you can see the tail. Look at how nicely that sweater fits - well done Grandma!
Shadowfax has become pretty good at posing nicely for the camera.  In case there are some people who are looking for a deaf pittie to model sweaters, Shadowfax is currently available for work. 
Shadowfax has become pretty good at posing nicely for the camera.

The only bummer in this whole sweater ordeal?  It's in the 50's today and is supposed to stay nice all week.  We're probably not completely free of Winters' icy grip, but we might be out of dog sweater season.  This lovely sweater may have to get shelved until next winter when it's cold enough.  Sweaters are usually on clearance about now, so you might be able to snatch up some pretty good deals if you're so inclined. 

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