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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Shaak Ti Vs. Sasquatch

Shaak Ti had a battle with a Sasquatch the other day.  Apparently she lost.  Either that or she has some kind of strange deaf-dog crush on Sasquatch, we don't really know.  Shaak Ti is an odd little dog, there are myriad possible reasons why she's snuggling up with Sasquatch's foot, but those reasons remain her own.
The Sasquatch Statue was a Christmas present for John.  It seemed like every plane flight we took he would pine over the awesome Sasquatch Statue in the Skymall catalog, so we finally got him one for Christmas.  It is a fairly awesome addition to the house. 
In Shaak Ti's defense, Sasquatch does have a pretty mean glare, maybe that's why she lost this particular tussle. 

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Anonymous said...

Cute story and a cool and unusual statue. My Akita had a real problem with a Foo dog statue I have, similar in size to your statue. He wanted to kill it.