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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hand Knitted Dog Sweater Photo Montage

Alycia here. So my mom has been knitting ferociously for the past year or so. She's knitted me a hat, fingerless gloves, mittens, and a few scarves. Recently she decided to take on a more challenging project: a sweater for Shadowfax.

Today she and my dad stopped by for a sweater fitting. The following photo montage shows how that went.  The photos are all from an iPhone, so they aren't the best, plus Shadowfax was a blur of happy activity anyways, so pretty tough to capture.

So far so good, but that's all about to change.
Shadowfax is thinking that this might be s new fun toy.
Here comes the sweater, Grandma is checking her tummy for proper measurements.
The first attempt at putting on the sweater, a barrage of kisses and wiggles ensues.

Grandma is holding on tight. Shadowfax is ready to wriggle away and try to play. 
"I think we can get this over hear head."
Almost there.  Getting it over her big ole' pittie head is the first step. 
Keep pulling.
There we go.  Kisses and wiggles and pose with Alycia. 
Now we've got to get her legs through.  This calls for a bit derring-do. 
The foot goes through the foot holes.  It's such an easy task on paper.  
In case you couldn't tell, Shadowfax is greatly enjoying the attention. 
One foot in, one to go.
But first an escape attempt.
"Maybe we'll try it from this angle."
Second attempt at the second foot.
Almost got it.
Success!  And a happy wiggly pittie butt.
Since the sweater wasn't completed, the yarn was still attached at the unfinished end.  This was a huge part of the entertainment for Shadowfax.  Alycia had to go wind back up several yards of yarn. 
You've got to test the functionality of the sweater, a sweater you can play in is a sweater you can stay in.
Grandma checks her tummy/flank.  Shadowfax has an odd body type to make a garment for.  Big chest and small tummy make for tough knitting. 
"Maybe we can take it in here a little bit."
Sweater play time with the yarn still attached.
Sweater removed and measurements rechecked.
This was quite an entertaining process, everyone was full of chuckles by the time we got to this point. 
Tail still a blur, Shadowfax looks for her next play time oppoertunity.
That would be Grandpa, always ready to play tug-of-war.
As mentioned, this was a hilarious process and we were all pretty wiped out by the end of it.  The sweater was nice a fluffy, and looked terrific, we look forward to Shadowfax being all nice and cozy with her new hand knitted sweater very soon! 

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