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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

And So It Begins

We will slightly change the famous quote from Lao-tzu - "The journey of a thousand miles bricks starts with a single step brick."
The process of constructing raised garden beds has begun! It shall start in the vegetable garden area in the backyard, then the rest of the backyard, and eventually the Forests of Tuckborough and Buckland...I mean then the front yard.

We're focusing on the vegetable garden area in the back yard so that we can ready for Spring planting and also because we have a big garden addition on the way. That will have to remain a surprise for a few more weeks though, so stay tuned for our big garden announcement.

And yes there was an obscure Lord of the Rings reference thrown into the blog post today. We do have a dog named Shadowfax after all.

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