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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Shadowfax is Hot Under the Collar

We've barraged readers with numerous pictures of Shaak Ti and Shadowfax roasting themselves in front of the gas fireplace insert. They truly love it. On a daily basis I have to drag Shadowfax away from the front fireplace because she's gotten too hot, has started to pant, but is too lazy to move on her own accord.

This is one of the rare occasions where Shaak Ti is being the smart one. She is plenty warm and cozy but a reasonable distance away from the fireplace. Good girl Shaak Ti.
Spring is approaching though and we're nearing the end of fireplace season. The forecast is for highs in the 60's next week. The seasons change and roasting in front of the fireplace will be replaced by soaking up the sunshine on the back patio.

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