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Friday, March 8, 2019

This Dog Shaak Ti

This dog Shaak Ti. She kills me.
Every day it's something different, yet somehow the same. Arranging her bottom to get it better roasted in front of the fireplace, that's been a regular occurrence all winter. Yesterday she got the super-insane-zoomies and tried to jump the baby gate (she hasn't done that in a few years) and failed miserably. She went up, and like a stunt plane that stalled out, crashed back to earth butt first. Falling on the bottom that she had so artfully and delicately roasted all morning.

She seemed upset that I laughed at her. I tried to tell her that she's getting older and can't do silly stuff like that anymore. I don't think she heard me. She's not the best listener.

This dog Shaak Ti, she kills me. 

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