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Monday, February 16, 2009

Like Lewis and Clark

Like Lewis and Clark? What the hell can that possibly mean? Well what it means is that the gluten free girlfriend (aka the gluten free grad student) has finally found employment and we are most likely headed to the land of Lewis and Clark as the next stop on the fun family adventure known as life.

The gluten free girlfriend went on a couple of interviews over the last few weeks to the University of North Dakota and the University of Minnesota. And while the University of Minnesota is a very prestigious program and would surely elevate her career status, instead of pursuing it as an option, she chose to accept the position offered by the University of North Dakota. They offered her a very competitive salary, adequate start up funds to begin her research, a modest teaching load (3 classes per year), and all the bells and whistles that go along with it. The most important of those bells and whistles would be health insurance for yours truly, nothing to laugh at....

So it is with North Dakota on the brain that we begin our process of relocating to the Grand Forks metro area, which should likely happen around June or July of this year. We have to find renters for our current abode, locate and purchase a house in North Dakota, and then move the family unit and its moderate amount of belongings to a land far far away.

The dogs are very much looking forward to this move, as Shaak Ti has heard rumors of the numerous flocks of chaseable birds that inhabit the great plains, and Tito has read in his magazine subscription to "Bunny Poop Quarterly" that some of the finest edible bunny poop can be be found in North Dakota. They are both currently napping in anticipation.

More updates to follow as we get deeper into the process of relocation, and I'll do my best to document the fun happenings for everyone.....

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