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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


What a fantastic week in San Diego, almost two inches of rain fell from Thursday to Sunday, putting the region ahead for its annual rainfall total. We're also expecting some more towards the end of the next week. Unfortunately there are some extremely unwise folks in town who aren't smart enough to temporarily turn off their automatic sprinklers, so even as the rain pours down, sprinklers still sprinkle, wasting water. These are the folks who are last in line for conservation and environmental issues.

Water is one of the extremely limited resources here in Southern California and every gallon counts, so when we're out on our morning dog walks and there's more annoying than seeing a sprinklers on as the streets remain wet from recent rains. The word on the street is that come July 1, Southern California will have mandatory water rationing, thus the opportunity to rat out those water wasting folks may soon be at hand.

In previous years of water rationing I recall unpleasantness between friends and neighbors as people confronted one another about water abuses. Many of this future unpleasantness could be avoided if people could conserve water now, but there are too many ignorant "I have my sprinklers on ever though it's raining" folks around town.

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