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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Warm Climate Apple Varieties You'll Love

Apples good. Yes they are good indeed. The proverbial apple every day may not actually keep physicians at bay, but they are an integral part of my healthy diet (I prefer mine with peanut butter..mmmmm), and an extremely easy fruit to grow in your own backyard.

The key to growing apples is the research you do ahead of time in selecting the right variety for your yard. Although apples are traditionally thought of as cool season trees, there are many varieties that will produce well in warm climates.

You can check out an article I wrote on Apple Varieties for Warm Climates.

For me, backyard apples are a joy, once ripe, they remain fresh on the tree for a few weeks, so you can mosey outside in the morning, pick one for breakfast and continue to do so for the next several weeks. And the happiness from having a tasty, organic, home-grown apple, that you produced in your own backyard is truly immeasurable.

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