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Friday, February 6, 2009

Rain and some New Trees

As we finally got some much needed rain today, it's a good opportunity to stay inside and watch the raindrops fall. After a month or more of a rainless rainy season, the drops started falling yesterday afternoon and continued through the night, a slow pleasant soaking rain, just what the garden needs. Though most of the garden is covered with a many inch layer of mulch, underneath the thick clay soil still remains, and a slow soaking rain is just what's needed to fully saturate the soil.

About a month ago I put in four new bareroot fruit trees, spaced evenly along the southwest fence. They were ordered online and delivered the first week of January.

The trees were a Royal Rainier cherry and and Lapins cherry. Rainier cherries are delicious, but always expensive and they tend to have a short season, one week they're here, the next they're gone. Plus the fact that they're grown in the Pacific Northwest means that they have a significant carbon trail if they're shipped to Southern California. I never thought that cherries, let alone Rainier cherries would grow in Southern California, but these are a low chill hour cherry that should produce here in Southern California. The Lapins cherry is known as a good pollenizer and also has a low chill hour requirement.

The other two trees were both pears, a Flordahome and Hood variety. These are both low chill hour requirement varities that should produce in Southern California.

All four of the planted trees were out in the ground about a month ago and all have taken well to their new surroundings. They have all started leafing out and the two pears have flowered as well. Pictures to follow....

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