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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Identities Revealed

We've long held true to tradition and only identified the Gluten-Free Girlfriend as well, the Gluten-Free Girlfriend on this blog. Being that she has become a fixture on this here blog and I can't figure out how to use the Auto Populate field outside of MS word to automatically create the phrase "Gluten-Free Girlfriend" when I type in the first few letters, I feel it is time for her identity to be revealed. Many future activities will involve her, the move to North Dakota and all of its inherent wackiness, being the prime example, so I feel that she needs to be disclosed.

Since I haven't actually cleared this with her, I hope it's OK, though I'm not exactly revealing name, address, and Social Security number or anything, just a first name. I'm hoping this can draw you in (Mr. or Mrs. Faithful reader) to the stories a little better. Though to be totally honest, I don't think anyone reads this besides the Gluten-Free Girlfriend herself, and possibly my Dad, assuming he can figure out how to use the link that I e-mailed him. So I really don't think there's much danger in stating her name to a bunch of people who already know who she is.....

This isn't going to be as momentous as when they revealed Batman to be Bruce Wayne, or removed the mask from Zorro, but it should be entertaining going forward as I can now feel liberated enough to use her actual name - Alycia. Welcome to the blog actual person, you shall no longer be named according to that food which you are violently allergic to, but shall carry the name assigned by your parents.

In the picture above, our subject is hugging the Gluten-Free Girlfriends Mom.

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