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Monday, March 16, 2009

One Weird Thing About the Author

OK I was kind of inspired by the "25 Things" nonsense from Facebook, and although I already did my civic duty and filled that out and posted it to Facebook for all y'all to see, there's still a few deep, dark, hidden things that you don't know about your beloved blogger here. Part of my desire to connect with you, dear reader(s), is to let you into the inner sanctum of my mind. And what better way than revealing odd facts, secrets, and otherwise unknown info?

So here's one strange fact. Deep breath, deep breath. I never, ever spend too long in the shower between applying the shampoo and rinsing the shampoo. I lather and then rinse as soon as possible, and no matter how much the shampoo bottle may implore me, I never repeat. And here's why, earthquakes. Yes earthquakes.

Now mind you I'm a San Diego native and have been through a few earthquakes in my day, never anything serious, and have adopted the mentality of many other folks here in California, namely "whatever". I know that the state is geologically due for an apocalyptic earthquake that crumbles the whole West Coast into the Pacific Ocean, but I really don't care. The "Big One" is going to happen sometime between now and 100,000 years from now, and me fretting about it isn't going to do a damn thing for anyone. I've never thought much about earthquakes, though I do have an earthquake kit prepared and ready should the need arise.

What does bother me is the fleeting, momentary thought that when that big one does hit, at that precise moment, I'll be in the shower with shampoo in my hair, unable to rinse it out, since of course the water supply is in ruins and the city is destroyed. I can cope with the thought of living in my newly made tent/house, eating my terrible earthquake supplies, and not showering again for a month until infrastructure repairs are made, but I can't fathom having to rinse shampoo out of my hair with Sprite, have the dogs attempt to lick it out, or worse, get stuck with stingy shampoo dripping into my eyes for the foreseeable future.

Now please understand that this doesn't cause me to lose sleep at night, and I'm not pulling my hair out, but not a shower goes by where I don't briefly entertain for a split second the horrible shampoo/earthquake scenario.

My question to you, dear reader (or readers???) is - Does anyone else think of this? Ever?

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