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Friday, March 20, 2009

March Madness

I love the NCAA Tourney, aka March Madness, where all of America and college basketball loving expatriates worldwide gather around their TVs, or Alt-Tab through their day at work toggling between live game feeds or score updates and actual work. The prototypical pre-March Madness news articles regarding the percentage decreases of workers productivity during the first two rounds of the tournament always gently warm the cockles of my heart and make me chuckle a bit.

This year held special promise though, being slightly underemployed I entertained the thought of watching as many of the first two rounds as I could manage, not an easy task and not for the faint of heart. So I set about clearing my schedule (this was surprisingly easy) and sat on the couch, lap adorned with computer, streaming one game on the laptop will watching another on the Tele. Armed with my dual mode of basketball viewing vehicles, I hunkered down for 12 hours of hoops on Thursday and Friday and 10 hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Let me just say that the depths of good times that were achieved cannot be adequately described. Fueled by daily pots of Dead Man's Reach coffee (http://www.ravensbrew.com/dmr.html) and the timely arrival of my Girl Scout Cookie order the weekend before, I braced myself for the caffeine and sugar and basketball roller coaster.

I watched the North Dakota State University Bison, the arch rivals of my newly adopted school, The University of North Dakota, make a sporting effort against Kansas in Round 1. It was also pleasant to see the Big West conference (home of the mighty UCSB Gauchos) represented well by Cal State Northridge in their noble effort against Memphis. All in all it was a highly entertaining first two rounds, with games on Friday and Sunday being especially good.

If you replace carrots with Girl Scout Cookies in the picture below, this is a highly accurate representation of what I looked and felt like after some 40+ hours of hoops watching action.

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