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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween Hangover

Anything left in the ol' candy bowl?  Still experiencing some minor shakes from ingesting copious amounts of sugar and chocolate?  OK, maybe that's just me.  As I prepare to polish off the last Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, I thought it might be prudent to post a Halloween picture or two.
Our Jack O Lantern was grown in Cavalier, North Dakota at the Cummings Family Estate and it was a doozy.  It probably weighed 30 pounds and was almost completely solid inside, so there was a LOT of scooping out of pumpkin innards.  Though thankfully the aforementioned innards weren't slimy or stringy at all, more of a semi-solid spongy consistency.  There was quite a bit of scraping work and flesh removal as the inner cavity was only the size of a small spaghetti squash (can you handle the gourd on gourd analogy?) and needed radical pumpkin cavity enlargening surgery before it was ready to display. 
Since the kids couldn't have candy, a little sausage treat was in order.  It's amazing how well everyone remembers their "down" command when a tasty morsel of sausage is involved.  This picture is shot form the point of view of the sausage morsel holder, nothing but compliant, well behaved pooches as far as the eye can see.
Tito and Shaak Ti watch through the glass as Alycia hands out candy to the Trick or Treaters.  Alycia really enjoys the Halloween experience - handing out candy, seeing the kids in their costumes, and demanding they say "Trick or Treat" before she gives them candy.  She's the paragon of proper Halloween etiquette.


lifeshighway said...

The description of the pumpkin scooping left me a little nauseous. Maybe you should take up horror writing.

Those are two good dogs, my little beasts barked and whined and threw themselves at the door. We are taking maybe 16 lbs. of total of fury.

Sara said...

But the important question is this - Did Miss Paragon, herself, dress up for the holiday??

El Gaucho said...

Lifeshighway - sadly I wish this was their behavior all the time, I just happened to catch the best behaved moments. There was plenty of barkling and whining at Trick or Treaters, I just omitted mentioning it.

Sara - she didn't dress up, but had a very valid excuse. We had a volleyball game at 7:00, so she could only hand out candy for an hour or so before we had to leave to go play.