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Monday, November 8, 2010

Job Of The Week

Actual job posting from the Grand Forks Herald:

Sugar Warehouse Temporary - Crookston, MN
American Crystal Sugar Company
American Crystal Sugar Company
As the nation's largest beet sugar producer, American Crystal Sugar Company is committed to finding ways to continually improve. It's why we reward people who take action, work smart, and reach further.
Great Pay. Apply Today.
We are seeking qualified applicants to fill temporary Warehouse Positions at our factory in Crookston, MN. These positions work 12 hour rotating shifts with a wage of $12.57/hour up to $13.88/hour.
We offer a safe working environment with advancement opportunities. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, with a High School diploma or GED and pass the entrance testing requirements, pre-employment drug test and criminal background check.

Pretty cool huh?  Who wouldn't want to work in the Sugar Warehouse?  Sara I know you would?  Amy you totally would?  I know that I certainly would work in the magical fantasy Willy-Wonkaish vision I have in my head.  Ahhh dozens of little orange faced, white coolat wearing, singing midgets dancing around and making confectionery delights.  Oh wait, that's more than just the Sugar Warehouse vision, never mind.  

Sadly I bet the real Sugar Warehouse isn't quite as wonderful as I have envisioned.  It probably has a lot of heavy things to lift and many mechanized sugar transporting devices.  Still...wouldn't it be cool to say you work in the Sugar Warehouse?  


Sara said...

What're the odds that they have creative/fun names for the jobs there? "Sugar Shaker" or "Sugar Bagger" or "Sweet Sugar Manager"? Nah, probly not huh.

El Gaucho said...

In our crazy PC world that probably wouldn't go over too well. All joking aside, beet sugar is BIG business around here, so I doubt you could even get people to joke about it if you wanted.