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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Turkey Day Aftermath

We spent our Thanksgiving up in the country at the Cummings Family Estate in Cavalier, North Dakota.  Initial weather reports of blizzard conditions never quite materialized and though there was some snow and wind, travel as quite decent to and fro.  Puppy was introduced to the Grandparents who were quite impressed with both her manners and puppistic tendencies.

Today we're recovering from the three day parade of feasting and festivities by having a quiet morning at home, napping and resting and partaking in numerous leftovers.  I'm a happy camper with a breakfast of leftover apple pie, pumpkin pie, and strong coffee.  Is there anything better than leftover pie for breakfast in the days after Thanksgiving?

I'll get to work on posting more puppy pictures.  

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lifeshighway said...

There is NOTHING better than leftover pie for breakfast.