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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Puppy Pictures

Here are the first (of what I'm sure will be many) puppy pictures.
Hello Everybody!!!  For the record, she is very cute and incredibly well behaved for her age. We're still not entirely sure what kind of dog she is, probably some mix of pit bull and dalmatian.
One of her MANY toys that she gets to play with.  If you notice too, her tummy was recently shaved for her spay surgery.  Alycia has (very reluctantly) accepted the task of buying some sweaters and other doggy outerwear to keep her warm this winter.
She enjoys tug of war time.  Actually she really enjoys just about all manner of play time. 
Shaak Ti watches apprehensively from her doggy bed.  She's been getting the full effect of the new puppy who desperately just wants to play with her every single minute.  Unfortunately the pup is just too rough/spazzy/crazy/flailing/bonking right now.  We're going to keep play time supervised for now and take little pup to doggy day care and the dog park where she can learn how to play correctly.  She's still really young (4.5 or 5 months or so), but she'll learn.      

Shaak Ti also has a bit of a short memory.  I certainly remember that this was pretty much exactly how she behaved when she first came to our house.  Many Tito snarls later she understood how to play correctly. 

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