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Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Minute Gift Ideas - The Deaf Puppy 7000 System

Looking for a last minute gift idea for a loved one?  Searching for that perfect present to make Christmas morning special?  You should get the Deaf Puppy 7000 System for your family.  The Deaf Puppy 7000 System has literally thousands of uses!!!
Rid your house of unwanted fuzz bunnies!
Entertain the whole family for hours with original songs!
Serve as a paperweight to keep your other dogs from flying away during high wind events!
Prevent evil green dinosaurs from taking over your house!
Make you laugh for hours with their hilarious facial expressions!
And they make an amazing heated laptop platform!!!  Pick one up today.


Lindsay Cummings said...

So when does the Puppy 7000 get her own name, or will she remain "Puppy" forever?

El Gaucho said...

She does have a name, I'm, just building the blog suspense in a vain attempt to increase readership.