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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Super Hot Girl On Girl Action

This probably isn't what you were expecting based on the title.  And if you were expecting that, shame on you - this is a family blog.  Jeez, that's wrong.
Alycia and puppy snuggle/play together.The puppy has a body temp of approximately 340 degrees, so Alycia tries her best to encourage the puppy to snuggle with her and keep her warm (and thus the "Super Hot Girl On Girl Action" title).  Seriously the puppy is really, really warm, her entire undercarriage, armpits, and ears get bright pink when she's running around or playing. 
Alycia already posted this picture on Facebook, but I love it too much not to post it again.  I dig the super awesome chomping face puppy is making, plus it also illustrates an important issue that we face with new puppy.

You see...puppy loves to chomp on toys.  Puppy also loves to chomp on toys while snuggling with me/Alycia.  Puppy can be a bit careless/ADD with her toy chomping.  I think you see where this is going. We've both already been the victim of a few innocent misplaced chomps that were intended for a toy, but ended up being delivered on one of our limbs.  It's all perfectly innocent but it does require a certain amount of awareness when dealing with the puppy lest you become a victim of a misplaced chomp. 
The most recent accidental chomping incident involved the puppy playing with Shaak Ti.  They were both racing around and decided to wrestle near my feet (pictured above).  Puppy lunged at Shaak Ti who at the last second darted behind my legs, and the puppy chomp that was intended for Shaak Ti's neck got my lower shin.  Silly puppy.

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