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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Untimely Death of Harold the Dinosaur

Not since the death of Tourist Dog (see A Wake For Tourist Dog) have I witnessed such a callous disregard for life and wanton destruction of a stuffed creature.

Harold the Dinosaur has been with us for two or three years, is almost 2 feet tall and an awesome toy.  I purchased Harold with the full knowledge that he was too big for Shaak Ti, but hoping that it would help her raise her game, and attain new heights of dog toy chompdom.  Shaak Ti plays with him regularly and even though she had a couple years to work, hadn't established much more than a bulkhead crotch hole in Harold's tough dinosaur hide.  From this hole she was able to extract some stuffing (which we would promptly restuff) but leave Harold relatively intact.  This caused little concern (other than Shaak Ti's proclivity to attack the crotch area) for Harold's well being.  Enter puppy.
This was the scene of carnage in the kitchen the other day.  Stuffed fluffy dinosaur innards were everywhere.
Local wind currents in the kitchen from the puppy tornado had gathered the fluff into large piles. 
Poor Harold's deflated carcass sat sadly nearby.  I quickly put him up on the operating table (the kitchen counter) and began emergency re-stuffing measures.  After re-stuffing him his vitals stabilized and after a few minutes we thought he might be OK. 
But post-op Harold was quickly and mercilessly eviscerated again.
And again.


Sara said...

Poor Flat Harold :(

El Gaucho said...

Don't fret. As long as he has a dinosaur body we'll keep stuffing his stuffing back in.