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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Puppy Picture of the Week

Here's your sugary sweet dog pictures of the week.  All three pups snuggling together with Ms. The Professor. 
This is a pretty typical evening scene.  After our walk, puppy dinner (typically duck kibble), people dinner (typically NOT duck kibble), and doggy play/spaz time, everyone settles down for some pets and body heat sharing.  Alycia is a big proponent of snuggling and the dogs seem to know this.  She usually breaks out a clipboard and does some grading or lecture planning work while the dogs sprawl around her and snooze.
This is from nap time this weekend.  Alycia settled in for a morning couch nap and puppy tried repeatedly to join her on the couch*.  Eventually she just gave up, donned her Snuggie brand Snuggie and napped on the floor, which puppy greatly appreciated. 

*Puppy still finds it inconceivable that she isn't allowed to join us on the couch for snuggling or napping and we're constantly having to pull her off the couch.  It's not that she's a bad dog, and Tito and Shaak Ti aren't allowed on any couch so she hasn't learned from them, she just gets overwhelmed by the urge to snuggle with her people. Who can blame her?  I'm pretty awesome and I'd want to snuggle with me if I could...

I gave Alycia a Snuggie brand Snuggie last year for Christmas as kind of a joke, I mean really who can take a Snuggie seriously?  Since she used to use another blanket as a toga-like clothing article inside during the winter I thought that she might like a Snuggie brand Snuggie, and she did.  The only downsides to a Snuggie brand Snuggie is that due to their fleece fabric they a) attract dog hair like nothing else and b) conduct static electricity like nothing else.  Except for those two characteristics the Snuggie brand Snuggie is pretty awesome.  If I ever got cold inside during winter I might fancy one of my own.

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