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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Adventures In Leaf Raking

Alycia is a pretty smart cookie, but sometimes she doesn't understand basic equations.  Equations such as:
Leaf Raking + Forecast of High Winds = Sad Panda
Alycia really wanted to rake leaves, and in fairness so did I, there were tons of leaves to be raked.  But I understand the nature of wind and how it can affect leaves (it blows them far away and flattens leaf piles), and also have a strong respect for Mother Nature and her desire to humble us.  Despite all my protestations, Alycia was determined to rake leaves into piles in preparation for the leaf sucker machine that was alleged to swing by during the week.  As such I left Alycia to do all the leaf raking whilst I busied myself with chores that wouldn't be blown away by the 20 to 30mph (with gusts to 45mph!!) winds that started in the afternoon and picked up overnight.
Alycia raked this area clean of all the leaves yesterday.  The winds happily returned the leaves overnight. 
This area was also leaf free yesterday.


Karen said...

Pile 'em up and compost 'em. Can't ask for better black gold, so they say. I don't compost ours in a fancy-schmancy compost bin; just toss them on the beds and let them decompose naturally. Of course the trick is getting them to stay in the beds, especially with high winds. For us, though, a foot or twelve of snow keeps them nailed down eventually.

(Sad Panda, LOL....love that episode.) Leaf-ual Harrassment Panda. Now I've got that tune stuck in my head.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do know of what you speak, living in the land of the 80 foot Norway Maples, wiping winds and a deep gorge. Every morning I awake to my front door being hidden behind a pile of windswept leaves. Sad, sad Panda.

El Gaucho said...

Karen - I must admit that I had to go out and watch the Sexual Harassment Panda episode as soon as I read your comment, and I have no idea why it's such a catchy tune, but it won't leave my head.