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Monday, October 10, 2011

Watermelon From the Garden

We've had some family (actually pretty much the whole family) in town since last week, and as such, normal blogging activities have been suspended to play tour guide, short order cook, deaf dog wrangler, and 8-month old baby supervisor (though truthfully my only real contribution to the baby's care is to say "Poop!!" Beavis and Butthead style, which little nephew Jacob really enjoys.  I can already tell he has a discerning taste for the arts).  

Regarding garden matters, this was our first year of planting watermelon in the garden.  And while it wasn't an unbridled success, we did get two nice sized watermelon from one plant.  Our fall weather here has been exceptionally warm and dry, which I think allowed for more time for the fruit to mature on the vine. 
Our first watermelon, and it was a doozie.  We got it as a start from the Bergeson Nursery in Fertile, Minnesota and I believe the variety was a "Sweet Favorite".  It was indeed a sweet watermelon, and very seedy, but seediness is forgiven for seriously sweet flesh and intense watermelon flavor.  
Our watermelon cut in half, ready to be sliced up for consumption.  And consume we did, it was quite tasty. 

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