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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

California and Bust

There's a great article in Vanity Fair this month on California's money woes, the economic issues in the US, and the tremendous problems we're facing as a nation.  It's always sad to see my former home state quicken its circling of the proverbial drain.

Vanity Fair Article - California and Bust

Here's one great quote from a well written article:
"The problem with police officers and firefighters isn’t a public-sector problem; it isn’t a problem with government; it’s a problem with the entire society. It’s what happened on Wall Street in the run-up to the subprime crisis. It’s a problem of people taking what they can, just because they can, without regard to the larger social consequences. It’s not just a coincidence that the debts of cities and states spun out of control at the same time as the debts of individual Americans. Alone in a dark room with a pile of money, Americans knew exactly what they wanted to do, from the top of the society to the bottom. They’d been conditioned to grab as much as they could, without thinking about the long-term consequences. Afterward, the people on Wall Street would privately bemoan the low morals of the American people who walked away from their subprime loans, and the American people would express outrage at the Wall Street people who paid themselves a fortune to design the bad loans."

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Karen said...

Yes, I get so sick and tired of seeing people grab things around here too, especially those that are hiding income and still getting aid. There's so much 'working the system' going on. If they put the same energy into finding gainful employment that they do into scamming, they'd be rich.

Seems people have lost so much pride. It's sad.