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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Delayed Spring

Part of the lack of posting has been a result of the lack of Spring related news. Other lucky gardening folks may have crocuses and others blooms popping in their yard, but all we have is winter.  Old Man Winter has one tight stranglehold on the homestead.  The Grand Forks area has been 10 to 20 degrees below normal for the last several weeks, the snow has been slow to melt and there is talk of even more snow on the horizon.
Shaak Ti tours the snowy, muddy environs of the backyard.  There's still a good foot plus of snowbank over much of the yard and with temperatures in the mid-30's (at best) for the next week and some additional snowpack possibly on the way, Spring may be a long way off.
Even the pups tottering through the yard have torn up the dormant turf, it looks like a herd of buffalo sauntered through the yard. Sure a month from now, it'll be nice green grass, but for now, it's ugly.  And muddy.
There's still a lot of snow in the back yard.  Thursday night and Sunday are supposed to yield additional snow, we'll see what the future brings.  That future might just include a even further delayed Spring. Sigh.

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Laurrie said...

Okay, I am not feeling so bad about our cold Mud Season in New England after reading this We have browns and grays and cold, but it is abating and things are starting to color up.

Here's hoping you get spring at the homestead sometime soon!