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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Longest Winter Ever - Seriously It Might Be a Record

From the Grand Forks Herald:
Grand Forks is forecast to break a 109-year-old local record: the latest 50-degree day. National Weather Service forecasts for the next seven days do not call for 50-degree temperatures in Grand Forks, and the current record is April 21, set in 1904. Fargo broke its record, set April 17, 1881, on Wednesday, and is still without a 50-degree day.

The city and its residents may not find relief from the cold for another week or longer, according to Vince Godon, weather service meteorologist.

“It’s always tough to tell this far out,” he said. “If we get clouds moving in, that throws it off. Every day, it gets a little bit warmer.”

This year’s late start to spring contrasts with last year’s early spring. Grand Forks set its earliest 50-degree day on March 11, 2012.

Crazy.  We went from the earliest 50 degree day ever last year to almost-soon-to-be the latest 50 degree this year.  

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