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Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Delayed Yet Again

Our thoughts of Spring arriving here in North Dakota got a square kick in the teeth when another 4 to 5 inches of snow fell Sunday night and Monday. We didn't fare too badly compared with other parts of the state, the state capital Bismarck got 18 inches, yikes!

The snow was the heavy, wet snow of Spring and it stuck to everything.
The wind came from the North and East, so the half of the tree trunk facing that direction were covered with a layer of fluffy, sticky snow.  It was interesting to see half a tree trunk completely white, while the other half was it's normal woody brown.
We're back to having a foot plus of snow bank in the yard.  Just when we were seeing some bare ground (see Delayed Spring), we're back to snow covered mud yet again.  Oh, and there's more snow on the way in a couple of days.
Our local weatherman noted the other day that our average high temperature at this time of year is in the 50's, but that we have yet to hit the 50 degree mark at all this year. 
Maybe the best thing to do is just bury our face in our paws/hands until things take a turn for the better. 

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Sara said...

Oh dear. I apologize for complaining about having to turn my a/c on this week. You win 8,000 pity points for these horrendous photos.