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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Trips and Bunnies of Terror

Alycia and I traveled the Friday and Saturday before Easter down to Minneapolis/St. Paul with some errands and "big city" type tasks.  We spent most of our time in St. Paul and enjoyed the almost-but-not-quite Spring weather.  It was in the 50's both days, pleasant enough that yours truly wore himself some short pants, it was magical. 

We made it home and promptly left Sunday morning for Easter in bustling Cavalier, North Dakota.  There was much ham and fixings and deserts and the typical holiday meal deliciousness.

We didn't get visited by the Easter Bunny, but my awesome nephew back in San Diego did chat a bit with the big bunny himself.
As you can see it was less of a chat and more of a tear-filled encounter of pure terror.  The report was that he cried the whole time, at least until he was a safe distance away, 25 or 30 feet, at which point he waved repeatedly at the Easter Bunny.  Little brother James was as stoic and calm as you can get when confronted by a seven foot tall rabbit in a dinner jacket.
Jacob was a much happier camper when he realized the awesomeness that the Easter Bunny leaves.  Each plastic egg had all of one M&M in it, but he still thought it was pretty cool. 


Anonymous said...

Oh no, how funny, poor little guy! I like how he would wave at the Easter Giant from a safe distance, though.

Glad you had a nice trip, too!

Joel said...

Bunnies of Terror! I bet your nephew wished he had the holy hand grenade of Antioch. The dinner jacket is a good disguise but still dont hide them sharp,nasty,pointy teeth!

Anonymous said...

Jacob is cute. Hope he is not scarred for life.