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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cast Your Vote

Since I don't want you, faithful readers, to feel as though you're at the whim of a tyrannical blog-master, I've decided to add a generous srpinkling of democracy to our little blog. For the first time ever on this blog, you can now be part of the solution, not just part of the problem, and can cast your vote on what blog topics you'd like to see more, or less of.

You have one week.....


sara said...

Well, personally, I'd like to hear more detailed accounts of the girl. Your blog is my source for Leesha Stories :) Also, the weather - to make me jealous and hate on you a little. Um, what else...Small town life, like I used to lead. And photos. Please, more photos.

Bill said...

How cold it's getting there :) It would also be nice to know what you're up to now that you're not actually working.