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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two New Subscribers

I'd like to take the opportunity to personally welcome two brand spankin' new subscribers to our wonderful little blog here. Now I know that there are others out there who read regularly, but these two have actually added themselves as "followers" to the blog and thus get updates through Google Reader or some other internet reader. Want your own shout out? Then be unique, and become a "follower" (yes this irony was intentional) of my awesome, super-rad blog here.

So without further ado I happily welcome:

Bill - My baby brother. OK, so he's only a year and half younger than me, but if you ever met him, you'd know that "baby brother" is probably more accurate than "little brother". He's like 6'7" and built like an offensive lineman. Since he's my brother, I love him, but I still have never forgiven him for being that tall yet being totally disinterested in basketball.

Bill is currently in school in Northern California with the goal of carrying on the family tradition of becoming a drug dealer. Both parents have been unapologetic drug dealers for decades, and soon he will be too. Technically his degree will be in pharmacy, but it's a fine line between drug dealer and pharmacist, one that I'm not qualified to make, that is for God to decide.

Sara - Leesha's friend and former roomie, and tied for first place in my "Craftiest Person I Know" category. And mind you this isn't crafty like a fox, but crafty like McGyver with flour, eggs, suger, and buttercream frosting. Alycia loves sheep and for her graduation party Sara made cake pops (tiny little cupcakes on a lollipop stick) shaped like sheep that were one of the coolest baked things I've ever seen.

You can see a picture of the tasty sheep to the left. The body is a combination of gluten free brownie and chocolate frosting, rolled into little balls and dipped in white chocolate. To make the sheep's wool, Sara then dipped the balls into her cotton candy machine (seriously, who has their own cotton candy machine? A dedicated craftsperson like Sara that's who) and melted Tootsie Rolls were shaped to make sheep feet and faces.

Sara has started selling these cake pops via the magic of the Internets, and here's her website for her business - Sarandipity Sweets and her blog here that has some cool baking ideas/hints/recipes/musings on life. I would highly recommend both.

Welcome Bill and Sara.

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Sara said...

Awww thanks!! I love that you post about us newbies!! I may steal your idea sometime :)