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Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Wake For Tourist Dog

Considering how rough Shaak Ti is on her toys, we've come to only purchase puppy toys from two places - the discount bin at Petco, and the dollar bin at Target. It was during a recent perusal through the Petco discount bin that we found Tourist Dog, marked by his tacky Hawaiian shirt/floppy hat and camera slung around his neck. Possibly due to homesickness for all the tourists she used to see in San Diego, Shaak Ti took an immediate shining to Tourist Dog, sadly the results were as disturbing as they were predictable.

I must warn you that the following pictures are grahpic, and not intended for young children or those lacking intestinal fortitude.

Fare thee well Tourist Dog, we hardly knew ye.

Decapitated, with innards splling out across the floor, we took a moment to gather our thoughts and had a brief impromptu wake for Tourist Dog. We rounded up his fuzzy innard stuffing as Shaak Ti continued to sadistically prance and play with Tourist Dogs' severed head. The good part about toys like this is even though they may be semi-destroyed, Shaak Ti can still extract an amazing amount of fun out of just the small pieces that are left. She's been dragging around Tourist Dogs' head for the last few days now and the stuffing-less carcass will likely continue to be a source of enjoyment for weeks to come.

In other pooch related news, the front porch perch is up and running. Both dogs, but especially Shaak Ti, spend countelss hours here, surveying the neighborhood and yelling/barking at any squirrels within view.

Shaak Ti models her perch. Note all the squirrel infested trees in the background. We're glad to have such a dedicated and efficient anti-squirrel sentinel guarding us from this ever present arboreal menace.

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Bill said...

Rue stopped doing that and now focuses on eating the eyes out, then going for the squeaker.