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Friday, September 11, 2009

Limited Cable

It's a banner day today. For the first time in almost 5 years, I live in a household with cable television. Seriously.

After numerous conversations with Alycia, we decided that it was probably best to have some manner of TV access. Our experimentation with our rabbit ear antenna system only got 3.5 stations, three of with were public television, not too helpful. Between the potential cabin fever in winter, and needing to be appraised by the authorities when the tornado/blizzard/Toxic Death Cloud Mosquito Spray is arriving, we thought it best to get some kind of TV.

The cable provider - Midcontinent Cable (which is just a terrible name, it sounds like Incontinent Cable to me, so that's what I call them) has three or four different options from basic cable, on up to super deluxe cable. But even basic cable is $45/month. Damn that's a lot. Apprently after some prying with a customer service rep, Alycia found out that they have an even more basic than basic plan called limited cable. You can only find the description of limited cable in one place on their website, and the description of it is "limited cable". Awesome, that helped me out a lot.

Only with more verbal persuasion was Alycia able to coax the actual channels out of the Incontinet Cable sales rep. So limited cable is: the major networks, CNN, The Weather Channel (Rad!!!), the UND channel (so we can get the Fighting Sioux hockey games) and some random public access channels, 20 channels in all. I think this may be the same plan that prisoners and elderly shut ins get for free from the state, though I can't be sure on that. Now I'm gonna go watch some TV.....

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