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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Officially North Dakotans

We officially became North Dakotans yesterday. How so? you may ask. Did we get North Dakota drivers licenses? Nope. UND Fighting Sioux tattoos? Not quite. A big 4 Wheel Drive Pickup with mud flaps and a sweet Hemi engine? Maybe later. No we finally indulged and purchased a chest freezer.

You see, pretty much everyone has one or more chest freezers in their garage or basement for long term food storage. They're useful for when you need to lay in provisions for a blizzard, prefer to freeze your garden bounty instead of can it, if you purchase a whole cow (yes people actually do this - you pay to have your cow processed and they deliver hundreds of pounds of various cuts of meet and ground beef), or if you drop a cap one of God's creatures while hunting and have a fatty grip of wild meat on your hands.

We bought our chest freezer from Lowe's Hardware and selected the 9.0 cubic foot (this is a measure of internal storage space) model, which is the medium sized one. We wanted to make sure it fit down the stairs and into our basement, so we couldn't get the large 15 cubic foot model. There was also a smaller 7.0 cubic foot model, but we decided it was too small. When I told the salesperson that I wanted to purchase the medium sized freezer, he made an incredulous face and asked "You only want one?" Yes I replied, we're chest freezer newbies and we only want one.

Congratulations - It's a bouncing baby Frigidaire

Check out all that sweet, sweet storage space, and the hanging baskets. You know you're jealous.


Amy B. said...

I guess Michael and I became official North Dakotans a few months ago then. :) We bought our first chest freezer for the garage in June. It's a mini. Pretty much the cutest freezer you've ever seen. We split 1/8 of an organic grass fed steer from a local farm with our neighbors. Good stuff. www.abundantlifefarmoregon.com

Bill said...

but you don't even eat meat, what the hell are you going to put in there?

Sara said...

Honestly, I AM jealous, and I don't care how sad that makes me look. There's no such thing as too much fridge or freezer storage space. Period.