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Friday, September 25, 2009

Sigg Company Shamefully Admits Its Aluminum Sigg Bottles Contain BPA

So if you've been living in a cave with no wireless Internet, you may have missed the announcement (though you've probably been quite cool and comfortable in your cave) that Sigg bottles have BPA, a cancer causing plastic, in the lining of their aluminum drinking containers.

I have two Sigg bottles, both of which were purchased for the express purpose of NOT leaching chemicals into my body. My choices are to abandon them and buy something else, like a stainless steel Kleen Kanteen, or send them back to the company to be replaced free of charge (though I have to pay for shipping) and believe the company that their "new and improved liner" doesn't have chemicals.

Should I believe a company that already lied to me? Or cut my losses and move on? Or should I believe that there's "little risk of chemical leaching" as the company website tells me? It's probably no worse than drinking out of plastic dispoable water bottles and microwaving my leftover casserole in plastic tupperware. What to do...

I'm pretty bummed about this development, and not just because Sigg lied/conveniently omitted facts about their containers. I'm bummed because my two Sigg bottles had become my friends, I even named them - Schmitty and Blue Lou. They were like my sidekicks, helping me to defeat the dehydration demons, which for anyone who knows my and my perspiration proclivities knows this is no easy task.

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Bill said...

Gee, its too bad someone didn't tell you three years ago that they coat the bottles with the same damn stuff as plastic bottles.

brock said...

Scrap Alumminum all together. Why drink from something that might just do you harm. I switched to botl. you can find a great selection of designs, sizes and shapes. www.my-botl.com. Stainless or go home! :-)