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Monday, September 21, 2009

Three Runs In One Week

As I mentioned in previous posts, my running mojo may have returned. Though just because my running mojo has returned doesn't necessarily mean that my legs are fully prepared to deal with a recently re-mojoed running John. It feels like my legs were in hibernation for years and they need to be awakened.

So last week was the first week in a long time that I got three runs in, two the week before that. We'll shoot for three runs again this week. Granted they're only three mile runs, but any more than that is probably too much to take Shaak Ti, especially if it's warm outside. Now, many runners out there easily log nine miles a day, so nine miles a week isn't anything to be terribly proud of, but it's a good foundation to build from.

My run yesterday was the usual North Dakota to Minnesota and back route, and the typically quiet Greenway actually had a few people on it, since it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and all. I caught up to one guy, mid-40's, running slowly along, and as I got closer I saw why he was running so slow, he was running barefoot. On asphalt. My first thought was to tell the guy "Dude, you're a bad mamma jamma", but I wasn't sure how that would be interpreted, so all he got was the polite runner nod as I passed.

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