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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Motorcycles and Such

One thing that still throws me for a loop about North Dakota is that there are no helmet laws like there are in California (and other states). I'll always do a double take when I see people cruising down the street on their motorcycle with no helmet on. Granted I can't understand the allure and joy of riding a motorcycle and have the wind whipping through my hair since I never have, and never will ride a motorcycle.

Most of my lack of desire to ride one stems from my childhood riding my bicycle everywhere, and having a paper route for a few years. With only human power and gravity on my side, I sustained injuries and had multiple accidents, and am terrified to think of what would happen with the advent of much horsepower to the equation.

One of my former co-workers who had ridden motorcycles since he was a child, on the farm and around the city, and who commuted every day on a bike told me once - "there are two kinds of riders, those who have fallen, and those who are going to fall." I'm not sure how true this is, but he seemed to believe it. And it certainly made it seem like a pretty dangerous thing to ride a motorcycle.

So anyways, back to North Dakota. I'm not sure that the anti-helmet sentiment is an expression of personal liberty, of anti government, or something else. Knowing what happens when there are motorcycle accidents, and knowing what happens without a helmet makes me cringe a bit every time I see a helmet-less person on a bike. I guess natural selection expresses itself in different ways.

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